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Mike Kershaw

"The Best Money We Spent On Our Business This Year"
Laurie Weitzhorn, Just Seventy

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James Middlehurst - Owner/Founder, Kalm Kitchen
I have spent a lot of money on consultants in the last two years, and other than the money I have spent with Kershaw Partners, the rest of it was a waste.

Without a doubt it was the best two days we have had as a business and the debrief document that we received will be integral to our ambitions and the way we communicate with our team going into next year.

Put simply it was just very, very good.

We have used consultants in the past, but none who have walked the walk and are so grounded.

The process gave us the reassurance that we were doing a lot well and that the problems we had were not insurmountable and were opportunities moving forward.

We would definitely recommend the 2 Day Review to anyone who has established themselves in the Event Industry and is looking to take things to the next level. 

Kershaw Partners are so well connected so for us the process was well worth it.

Taran O'Doherty - Co-Founder, Yahire

Charlotte Penniceard - Founder, PenniBlack

Just to say thank you for the past two days. They were inspiring!

It’s amazing the power of vision, belief and a clear plan. I had been feeling completely exhausted and had lost all motivation, and by contract last night a fresh spark was ignited, and I was awake most of the night adding notes to my to do list,

Really enjoyed working with you both and excited for the future.
Thank you Mike & Guy for such a brilliant couple of days. 

The “Deep Dive” was a very beneficial and useful exercise that we are confident will open lots of doors for our business moving forward.

It was an extremely interesting and informative experience and we would highly recommend the process to any business looking to progress to the next phase of their development.

Kate Cross - Owner, Caswell House

Debbie Marks - Founder, Qube Luxe

I completed the 2-day review with Richard and Mike. It was great to have industry experts have an outside perspective on the business and great to get the acknowledgement that we were heading in the right direction and to see we had such huge potential.

They showed a complete understanding of all aspects of my business, looking at processes, sales procedures, collaboration opportunities, and drilling down into the finances to see where I could grow the business.

If you're looking to take your business to the next level, you need to speak to Kershaw Partners.

Working with Mike and David was the best investment we could have made in our business this year.

They provided a different perspective on strategic thinking and also gave us insight into areas we had never considered.

We are going to be working with Kershaw Partners on an ongoing basis to help grow our business even further.
Laurie Weitzhorn - Co-Founder, Just Seventy
Alix Caiger - Founder, Caiger and Company
We found the Two-Day Review incredibly useful as a team to sit down and talk through our goals, ambitions and have honest conversations.

I'm very excited for what we'll be able to achieve, having a list of goals that the whole team is working towards feels like a real step forward.

We would recommend working with Kershaw Partners. The Two-Day Review is a fantastic way of analysing your business to be able to put a really strong action plan together

Mike and his team at Kershaw and Partners have provided us with support and direction which will enable us to increase profit margins from our numerous income streams. 

Their creative thought process when compiling the Commercial Audit was insightful, refreshing and showed a deep understanding of what is a complex business balancing the Mission of the Cathedral with the need to raise commercial income. 

They have given us solutions that will provide Winchester Cathedral with sustainable financial growth over the coming years. 

John Blake - Commercial Director, Winchester Cathedral Enterprises Ltd

James Abbott - Founder, Mix and Twist

I got together online for the two-day review with Mike and David and they took an in depth look into Mix & Twist. We worked through all areas of the business and detailed out where we were and what the market looks like.

With this understanding Mike and David worked through areas of improvement and recommendations which were extremely valuable, especially the opportunities we discussed that would help us growth while maintaining our high quality of service.

The report was extensive and had significant recommendations that we have already started to implement and gain success form. 

Mike and David brought a wealth of business and industry experience and expertise, backed up with excitement and energy. They were great to work with them and I look forward to continuing the progression with Kershaw partners.

I would highly recommend getting in touch with them and seeing how they can help.

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